Everything you wear on the body is a second skin
— Sabine Symour, Parsons


Welcome to a brand New Year! it is 2015 and as far as we tend to think not much has happened in terms of technology (as we haven’t seen the flying cars and the teleport systems developed)  does not mean changes are not happening, in fact we know there are several changes in the way we behave socially since smartphones to name an example.

Fashion is always been close to technology, the ultimate development in technology reach its pinnacle when we can wear it, as an example; the invisible helmet or the Google glasses.  The recent technological advances have affect on new developments of intelligent textiles, devices that measure our full body functions and it only makes sense when it makes a part of our daily lives without extra efforts.

There are several questions to be asked about this wearable novelties. As much as we are shaped by our clothes, how much do you think the human body is going to change upon this new technologies?  the more we measure our bodies the more we realise how little we know about ourselves… is this going to bring a new body awareness or will fall into the seamless body beauty stereotyping? How we relate with others and our environment will change drastically or actually teach us how to behave more appropriately?

To think that the more we connect with machines the more we disconnect with the environment and our surroundings was the mainstream believe, but as the new developments keep coming the more I think we are naturalising technologyand is growing on us as a second skin.

I stumble upon this fascinating video to help us think about this and more questions on fashion and technology