"We Should All Be Feminists" by Dior

By the end of 2016, in the frame of TASA (The Australian Sociological Association) I discussed my independent research idea about contemporary feminism in the fashion industry with prestigious professor of cultural studies in the University of Canberra Jen Webb.

She was mostly impressed about my initiative to be an independent researcher, as it is well known that academic studies have been traditionally lead by male professors and fashion has not been considered a deep enough subject to study.

As you might guess by this blog, I believe all the opposite, it is the time to study fashion as a subject. Critical studies of fashion are more relevant today than ever. This is been clearly stated today as in my Instagram newsfeed I see the newest campaign from Dior lead by Maria Grazia Churi, right on time for New York Fashion Week with the bold statement "We Should All Be Feminists"

The boom of new feminism as I prefer to call it has been strongly adapted by generation Z's, and mildly appropriated by millennials in the last two years, rising in popularity leaded by fashion campaigns. So, what is exactly happening?

Who is the new feminist? and why being a feminist is so in trend with the latest fashion? but most importantly how does this contemporary feminism looks like. 

I am convinced we are reaching a proper feminist break through yet sceptical about the ideology that it represents.

As I am writing my essay about the topic, I invite you to comment on the discussion.    

(Post Image borrowed from Vogue UK, vintage Dior 1947, all rights to Vogue UK)