Fast food used to seem like a simple solution, a quick way to don’t have to deal with the boredom of cooking an elaborated dinner. But, if contemporary times have shown us something is that fast food couldn’t be worse… for our health and wellbeing as much as for the environment.

After Forever 21, H&M, ZARA, Mango, Target, cotton on, and all the varieties of super powerful multimillion fast fashion multinationals, I have been wondering for a while what is this going to look like in 10 years time?

In a recent interview for the-talks fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto reveals his insights to a very similar preoccupation to what I have (link below) leaving a powerful message to me ‘Rebel to reveal’ which has nothing to do with showing off more skin but with a consumers attitude that needs to grow beyond conformism.

Let’s think this one together…



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