To my lost Gorman sunnies

Dearest sunnies,

If I knew how our relationship was going to end I would have given you a name. I still remember sharp and fresh the summer of 2014/15 when we met. It was intensively hot, I was working for a digital design company in Fitzroy wearing what I thought were awesome sunnies until I saw you, dark and mysterious neatly layout in the Gorman shop by Brunswick St. I have never swipe my card so fast, it was instant physical love. 

You changed my life from that exact moment as when I had you on everything felt cooler, somehow chic, even when I was wearing a plain polka dots top with a roomy pencil skirt and the temperature was like 38°C . You matched every outfit I wore for the last two years and I loved you so much that I didn't even care anymore about any other pair of sunglasses I ever wore, nor I care about wearing you only and forget of the existence of any other sunnies. 

You matched my life, everything was an instant coolness with you, as for your quality I can no longer go for 'any' pair of sunnies, so it broke my heart to have lost you after a social event last week, I am sure I left you in my uber and I have been complaining like crazy about that last trip together with the customer service as the driver has not contact me about my lost item, as he doesn't know I lost my love. 

Every day since Friday the the 3d of Feb 2017 I have been lost in the sea of sunnies shopping, hoping to somehow find some other like you, but there is no replacement for my old SS 14/15 gorgeous pair of sunnies, I am back to my ordinary RayBan not near as fun as you were and only doing their job. 

I am glad I Instagram a million photos of you, and you will always be in my dreams.  

I love you forever, 


Fashion Sociologist