Viktor & Rolf: Fashion Artists, is the label's first in Australia at NGV

Prolific Dutch fashion designers Viktor and Rolf are considered to be fashion artists, the blur of the two disciplines in their work makes this exhibition by the National Gallery of Victoria a perfect curation opportunity. 

This show includes more than thirty-five haute couture pieces. Between ready-to-wear collections, installations, runway projections and haute couture dressed Russian dolls, there are representative pieces from the surrealist 'Wearable Art" 2015 Fall Couture Collection . 

Image by Vogue 2015, Photographer: Alessandro Garofalo. Model: Sarah Stewart

Twenty-one handmade Russian dolls are on display. The oldest dates back to 2008, when the designers created them for The House of Viktor & Rolf exhibition at London's Barbican.

Image from

From the many highlights of the exhibition, the mannequins are my favourite. Plain busts with wooden articulated doll arms give an edgy 'runway ready' look to the show. 

In addition to the show, the National Gallery has put together their now traditional 'For Kids' spot allowing us to play with plain white paper to create amazing fashions, by the end of the crafts experience you can take mesmerising gif animations and send them to your email or publish them in social media.

Bravo! to the guest curator Thierry-Maxime Loriot and the curation team at NGV for this fantastic show.