'From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk'

Unless you are a schooler or too cool for school is hard to work around the week schedule to go to the museum, Friday nights at the NGV is the best that has happened since the invention of gift shops. Cumbia Galactica played on the night and some fashion forward videos where projected beside the largest mosaic window ceiling in the world, an all round stylish experience.

French born Jean Paul Gaultier goes beyond a fashion and costume designer, he has become a pop culture icon. Even when most people can't afford to have an original Jean Paul Gaultier, his brand is accessible and of easy recognition, some iconic pieces include the navy blue stripes and English checkers punk style fullbody suits. In 2010 Target USA made a capsule collection of his designs for mass consumption.

From his most popular works are the costumes of The Fifth Element, Pedro Almodóvar's The skin I Live in, and most recently Madonna's MDNA stage costumes. He also has a part in the famous Ana Wintor's life documentary The September Issue

The show, as most NGV large exhibitions went for several rooms covering a variety of themes; Odyssey, The Boudoir, Punk Cancun, Skin Deep, Metropolis, Urban Jungle and Muses. I couldn't help it to think the curation of the show was a bit strange, I am the biggest believer in fashion as a storyteller in this case the message came across like confusing, but this is only my personal opinion. 

I still have a long way to go to understand the real transcendence of fashion in the social and cultural spheres but this type of shows sure keep me interested. From The Fifth Element which it was absent in the exhibition I would love to quote GirlsDoFilm as they capture the essence of Gaultier's work between the ready to wear and haute couture relationship 

An exercise in creativity, The Fifth Element refuses to acquiesce to visual tropes. Too often science fiction overlooks costume in favor of set, scenery and special effects, but Besson allowed costume designer Jean Paul Gaultier unleash his imagination in a series of hyper ostentatious garments that took inspiration from designers haute couture collections. Whilist comic artist Jean-Claud Mézière concieved the film’s visual aesthetic, Gaultier’s designs tie all the elements together
— GirlsDoFilm blog

The exhibition runs from 17th Oct 2014 to the 8th Feb 2015 of February, it has a very interesting cultural program