I finished my bachelor of Sociology Honors in Colombia National University by 2007, after graduating I worked as a research assistant for the Institute of Environmental Studies, the Centre of Social Studies - Gender Studies Department and supported the development of papers in the economic value and the role of women in rural Colombia. 

I continue to work as an independent researcher and assistant for the follow years while I started to study Visual Communication. From that point on my area of interest shifted to Cultural Studies  and the value of aesthetics in the representation of personal identity. 

I moved to Australia in 2009 with the nobel intention of learning English, after living in Melbourne for about a year I realised I could combine my skills and pursue a career in Visual Communication. After graduating from a Bachelor of Design Arts from the Academy of Design I had the fortune to work in branding, marketing and publishing.

I pitched one of my essays "An Interdisciplinary Dialogue Between Pierre Mondrian & Ives Saint Laurent" to the Australian version of the French Magazine L'Officiel for which they edited a story based on my text, published in September 2015 issue. 

My personal interest in fashion became an obsession while studying Visual Communication, every essay and project I submitted to the Academy had a fashion angle, I have not been interested in any other topic since. 

This blog is the unification of my thoughts about the matter and I way to keep me accountable throughout my research, every movie, book, exhibition I see, watch or go to in somehow reflected in this page. This are therefore my personal opinions and silly stories that help me practise the exercise of developing a point of view on Fashion Critical Studies. 

This is a work in progress why I appreciate your honest feedback and positive encouragement. 

I have also included my creative work for my social enterprise Blanc & White Collective in the workshops page, my role for the Collective covers; styling, photography, editing, media content generation, web design, marketing and product development, learn more about Blanc & White Collective here.